Issue 4 November 1998 the Girth Godwyn interview. 
         GIRTH GODWYN 
     In the 60's, we were raised with rules.  Your parents were strict because they wanted you to be like them and there's no way.  It's like we can't expect our kids today to become like us;  because life is forever changing.  As baby boomers we became so rebellious and music was actually our blood.  The parents with standards are today more mellow.  We wanted to live and be the way we wanted to be.  I still do.  So when we were kids, it was, "Do this, do that..." and it's, "No! you do this and you do that.  I'm your child.  I'm your friend. "
      " Your not my friend.  You got to be this way.  You got to go to this church.  You got to think this way.  You have to physically be this way." "No !"  We used to say.  "I  don't want too."  I want to be Free!  What's free?  The parents weren't free  They were uptight due to their traditions, their elders, their mom and dad, plus their grandparents.  You couldn't be free.  That was the link.  Once you ran away from home back in the 60's, you became long hairdo hippies running around.  That's me. 
       I've been on Sunset Strip, Greenwich Village.  I've been to Soho in London.  I got to go to the best places.  I saw The Yard Birds before they were Led Zeppelin.  I saw Jimmy Paige down the Soho in London, and I thought, "I want a band, because i can do better than that!"  I'd get admonished for for being out late and I would express to them how I really didn't care.  I'm going back to my own soul, to my own self.  You're no longer my home.  I broke the tie psychological, physically, spr\iritually, mentally, and become my own self.  I got to go anywhere I wanted to and it wasn't a run away.  It was a going to.  Which to right now, to this very day I came to myself.  I came to myself and I don't need that.  Like they say, "Question authority."  Don't even question it.  Get the heck away from it.  Authority is, once somebody wants you to do;  that means you become them.  You lose pieces of your own self, like pieces of a puzzle of your own life.  People want pieces of your own puzzle.  I'm sorry.  I'll do my own puzzle.  This is me now.  You brought me here to this planet, this life.  Let me be.  Learn from life.  Understand me, learn from me.  help me put the pieces of my own puzzle together.  ( Like the defeated whining troll:) " Naw-lue!!" (No)--Because their grand parents couldn't do it.  Everybody in the world is uptight.     
         I grew into - Instead of listening to music, I want to play music; so I went back to London.  I went back to Sweden, where I was raised and got my cousin Jan Knuttson who was a bass player.  I was like: " Jan, let's do a band!  I'm tired of living at your Mom's sisters house.  Let's get away from home. "  Jan was totally...because in Sweden, you live with Mom and Dad ;  a very small family Country.  America is loose,  because you have Italians, you got Swedes, You got Jews, you got Africans, you got everybody  and so it's easy to bounce from one culture to another.  In Sweden, you don't got that , because you only got Swedish.  So you bounce back from one Swede to another.  It's like "Go back home because your Mom's looking for you."  So, it's very hard.  You come to back to America, and you go: "Wow, I want to be - but I want to go back and teach them people and break that cultural tradition."  I went back and said to Jan, "Let's form a band."  He said, "No, No, Mom would be ticked off"  I said, " I don't care.  Let's play."

      We met this English cat on a stipend from England to become a doctor.  His name was Huge Cornwell, who was famous for being in The Stranglers, but they were back in the early to middle 80s.  So Cornwell and I used to go out.  Jan went back home because he was scared.  We used to play Denmark and Copenhagen, These little places, "Teddy bear" bars is what we used to call them.  I'm only a singer and we used to be at the bars playing Simon and Garfunkle.  There were bodies flying back and forth with people fighting over Elvis Presley records.  It was like with the earrings, the duck tails, the long jackets, and stuff like that.  We were laughing and playing, and going, " Don't any one of you guys, happen to hit us, or we'll jack you guys up!"  A couple of people hit us.  We got into melee's.  Cornwell broke a lot of guitars over peoples heads.  We got back to Sweden, and I got a hold of my Cousin.  I go, " Are you ready to play?"  Cornwell and I were ready to go out and have fun,  But we didn't like the violence in particular.  But hey, when someone comes up to you or flies into you ; you got to reciprocate or respond.  So Cornwell says, "Yea, lets give up the acoustical stuff and let's plug in.  "  We went to Magnau in Sweden, right across from Copenhagen.  It's across the ocean, 20 miles- 30 kilometers.  We bought brand new equipment.  I told my Uncles that I was going to school.  They said, "Oh Girth your doing good!  Here's 20,000 Pounds."  We bought stuff because I chipped in.  Played for a while and it got kind of boring.  I wanted to be commercial.  I'm a lyricist and a singer.  I didn't play guitar or drums.  I just wanted to sing, dance, and pick out chicks in the audience.  I was wild when I was 17 and 18.
     So Cornwell was the leader of The Stranglers.  My band wasn't  The Stranglers.  We were called The Rouges, Johnny Sox and all kinds of stuff.  Dance ability is what we wanted;  Commercialism.  We wanted to make a million dollars like The Doors.  I told Cornwell, "Oh yea, I'd like to go where The Doors go."  I met Jim Morrison, and Ray Manzarek on the beach.  They both went to UCLA's Art College.  "Yea, lets go make a million dollars and write a couple of songs."  That was me right there - free let's do it.  I used to hang out at The Doors studio, in LA off of the Sunset Strip.  I'm a lyricist, I'm a writer.  So we decided to electrify ourselves and said, " Yea, let's write our own songs, kick butt and make millions."
       A lot of times in Sweden people would say, "Oh yea, you guys are good, but can you do Rolling Stones, or Jimi Hendrix?" " No!  We don't do other peoples stuff."  They got their millions.  They got their Cadillac's.  We're going for the gold in our own way.  We were cool.  They never heard of people who didn't get discouraged.  Then we got into the studio and did Neil Sedaka songs in the 60's and stuff.  Then we did our own songs and albums in-between.  We did good.  People would shove the mike up my throat while I was singing the lead,  They were drunks. Then I started drinking. (laughs) and got into drugs.  I look for the inside of the World;  the rooms we hardly visit in life.  The colors, the decor of the mind, let's say.  It's hard to come outside of yourself and portray yourself when your totally spaced out; but we seemed to have been doing it.  We moved back to England.  We went to my Uncles hometown in Suffix County, in Guilford.  Then we met a drummer.  This guy was like 32 years old! I was like 19 by this time.  I don't want no old timers in my band.  I was trying to get like a Beatles / Rolling Stones type of band together;  where everyone was the same age, the same attitude, and with no different generation gaps.  I hated people over 30 of course, but this guy was cool.  He laughed good with us.  We played for quite a while in England.  Decca studio's wanted us.  We weren't in Decca.  We were in the subsidiary of Decca doing promo's.  Then one night we went down into a cabaret in Weymouth.  George Harrison lives there.  It's like an exclusive joint.  So I was sitting down and we said,  "So what's your proposal ? "  to these music agents.  "Well, we'll give you 25,000 pounds, 30,000 pounds.  You'll get new uniforms, new equipment."  and they were going to put us on the Mediterranean on a Love Boat type of deal.  I go, (In a "what are you kidding me?" Or "Insulting me?" type of voice:)  " Naw, No, No, No, No.  I don't leave London."  I said, "This is my gig right here.  You ain't putting me down there with a bunch of wine drinking Arabians who don't appreciate the English music.  What your doing is side tracking us, because you have an open thing for gigs."  I said, "No, we stay in London and fight it."  We still had to cash in coke bottles and rip off shillings machines in front of houses for heat.  You would go outside and when your heat goes off, you would put in four shillings.  That's half a crown and you'll get maybe 6 hours of heat.  We used to go out there with sledge hammers, Jan my cousin, Cornwell and myself, to bust them open for a couple of dollars.  It was like, "Man this is depressing."  London is a hard area to fight; but we were making it, but yet we weren't there.
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             In England, you get hired by beer companies.  You don't just go into a bar and go, "Can we play?"  Then the governor listens to our music and say's, "Oh yea, I like you guys."  You got to go to Whatneys or John Courage.  Kind of like in America where Budweiser of Miller hired you.  You don't go into a pub and say, "Here I am."  You got to go through auditioning.  It's a hard gig man.  That's why when these guys wanted to put us on the Love Boat, it was like "No! We already made it past the beer companies, we're in clubs now."  I mean we were good in Dance ability.  It was soothing music.  Like I said, we still used to do Rolling Stones, Then we said :  "All right we're doing our own songs that we wrote!"  Which was in the same vein, so people liked it.  There was still violence.  People just wanted to fight and that's how London is.  It's like LA, like Portland.  I've been in pub's in there and I'm like, "Ah, I'm outta here!"
       Getting back to the agents from Decca, they were talking about giving us a certain amount of money for playing ferries up and down the Mediterranean.  Going from Italy to Morocco, to Libya, and picked up people from Greece and we just play.  I'm sorry, I don't want that.  I want a every week type of fan following.  I don't want to just play for strangers off and on who might not ever hear us again.  My drummer, who I hired, jet Black of the Stranglers, leans over the table and looks at me square in the eyes, and says, "Girth, never bite the hand that feeds you!"  I took my plate of food and went "smash" right in the face.  Mashed potatoes, chicken, everything.  I said, "don't you ever do that to me, or say that to me again."  I wasn't the leader of the band.  It's like we had 4 people in the band, and each one of us is one quarter each.  When you have things to say he was sold on the thing and i wasn't.  I smashed my food right in his face.  I said, "I'm outta here."  I did leave and that's the last time I ever saw them.
     My Cousin Jan and I went back to Sweden.  This was back in 1973.  We sold the equipment we had to a DJ in Scotland.  We never even got the money that we wanted, but we were free again.  It was like the record companies were calling the shots, trying to be our mom and dad.  Telling us what to do, how much they're going to pay us and how much we have to pay for room and board.  I don't think so.  I call the shots, you call the shots.  Every member of the band called the shots.  If your so set on going on the Love Boat, then see ya, go.  I don't care, I'll break you up in a New York minute.  I'll go get someone else.  I never did.  I went back to Seattle because I had a wife and child there.  I was going to bring them back to England while I did this stuff.  3 - 4 years later I hear Cornwell on the radio, on Mother Earth News, talking about his band called The Stranglers.  I came back from work that day and my old lady goes, "Girth, Cornwell's on the Radio!"  I went " Oh Shoot," because I bet Cornwell 2,000 pounds that I would have a band better and bigger, because i was going to L.A. and get an American band this time because I've already done the English trip.  So I wanted to do what Jimi Hendrix and Little Richard, because Hendrix played guitar for Little Richard in the studio for quite a while.  It's like Glen Campbell played with the Beach boys.  It's like everybody interchanges to get the right sound.  That guy beat me to it,  So I gave up the music business.  I got a couple of bands here and there.
      Cornwell said they became The Stranglers by accident one night.  A band had canceled and it was a funky gig, plus these guys were ready to hang it up.  The people said, 
"Oh yea, we need a band to play.  Can you fill in?"  They said, "Sure, we'll play."  They played, and as played, people started throwing stuff -- bubble gum and spitting.  But the coke bottle did it, because Conwell wrote to me over to Seattle to tell me.  He said, " yea, there was a coke bottle that came up to me and hit me. "  Now they know what it's like to be the front man.  I was the singer.  I was in the front getting all the stuff and complaining to the band.  I would say, "Oh man,"  and they would say, "stop complaining."  I would say, "how would you like to be up here?"  They were in the back playing their stratocasters and telecasters, guitars, bass, drums, while looking down.  They didn't realize it.  Then they were in the fore-front playing guitar singing and getting hit with a beer bottle? Coke bottle.  So Cornwell writes to me saying, "Yea, so I got hit with a coke bottle!"  and he said, "One more farting bottle and I'm going to jump down there and break you up!'  The audience loved it, and all of a sudden hundreds of coke bottles were thrown up.  The whole band stopped playing, came down, and roughed up the audience.  It was a big melee.  Then after that night the whole band said, "That's it, There's no future for us.  Let's go back.  Jet Black going to be with the John Courage off license, being a beer and whine distributor.  Cornwalls can go back to Sweden being a Doctor."  Then a couple of days latter, the place they played at in London, Now it's the same, but a really great punk rocker joint.  The club owner said, "Hey you guys, would you like to play again next weekend?"  and they said. "What?!"  they said, "Yeah why not the audience loved you guys."  That was what was at the time in the season of life for them.  Me, I would have quit if i was in the band.  You don't throw stuff at me, spit at me or throw bubble gum at me.  I'm here to portray my words. my singing.  Don't throw stuff at me because it's been happening to me.  Like I said, I've been swallowing nikes by drunks coming up.  It was an outrageous audience band trip.  it was like by accident.  I drunk my cup and wanted to dance and be stupid and it still pisses me off.  This is my gig.  You don't come up to a guy, hammer a nail into a piece of wood and put a screw driver on the way or push his arm over.  To be able to play in the band there's a drop.  I'm portraying my words, disparaging other people's words, but you have to when your playing in front of an audience.  Don't interfere with my gig and that's basically why I quit.  The record producers interfered where I could've gotten life.  We could have hung it out a couple more years cashing in the Coke bottles and ripped off the shilling machines. (Laughing.)  Ya know what I mean?  When you're kids, your desperate.  You don't realize when your 25 years old, or 18, or 19 years old, where your going to be.  You don't realize that and I'm 49, 47 actually 50; a half century old.  I look back at it and I treasure it.  I love it.  I'll you what I'll walk this Earth to my dying day and be only myself; not part of that puzzle of someone else.  I'm my own puzzle.  I put my pieces together.  That's all right.  I do different things in life.  I travel and wander.  I do model houses.  I'm going to be a novelist.  I do my time.  I don't do other people's time, not even to say when I broke down ABBA's stage door in Sweden.  Ha, Ha, Ha, let's continue that one next week.
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We didn't have Jet Black in our band.  He's an American drummer.  We were in Sweden.  Me and my cousin, that's when we first met Cornwell.  He was coming from England doing a Doctorate ship.  So me and Cornwell were in again in Copenhagen playing the acoustic gigs and coffee houses and on the street corner;  Buskin basically.  Ya know, get people to put money in our guitar case.  So we got this American drummer and me and my cousin we met Cornwell anbd we had a foursome.  We had a foursome and a Swedish guitar player who used to be in the band called the Sputniks, back in the 50's.  The cat was good.  Rickenbacker, twelve string tremble bar.  His name is Hans.  We called him hands.  The guy had a night owl sound.  He was a what I wanted off my words when it came time to solo.  It was, "Go get 'em."  He was always so loud because he was older than us.  We got another old mother.  He was from around the block because he was in a band in the fifties man, you know; very popular Swedish band.  They never lived that long.  They took it off to Russia when the Russians set off the satellite the "Sputnik."  We were so close to Russia because you got Russia and Finland.  So now, during the Winter in Sweden, we got not 24 hour darkness days, but maybe 18 hour darkness days.  So what we have in Sweden is called Meed veen ta.  or midwinter which is mid winter.  See English language is imbued by Vikings; A lot of it.  So mid dinter is like middle winter which is almost around Christmas time.  Blodett which is party major blowout.  So, we're like a new band in town.  there's other bands.  We had Savage Rose in Denmark.  Savage Rose is like an old Danish band from 71-72.  It's very popular.  Chicks sang in the band.  We were like one of the last bands because we were the newest, and it was in College in Lund.  That was my mom's hometown and my grandmothers hometown.  We got out of twelve bands, we got the 13th or 14th.  We thought cool, We're going to get exposure.  We were all happy and all.  It was before Jet black days from The Stranglers.  All of a sudden before band 8 was out, the place was packed.  It was in a castle looking joint called the university.  It was called the student union building.  They had turrets and all that stuff.  The guy that took care of the whole thing comes up to me and says, "I hate to break this news to you ; but some band called ABBA came over from Copenhagen and they're in and you guys are out."  I said, "No way!"  It was like everybody in southern Sweden was there.  It wasn't that big of a country, but we played on the sivadio-sivadio radio station a couple of times.  We knew people.  Well we went "O.K., we'll relinquish.  We'll give it up."  I was sort of like,
" who the heck is this band?!"  ABBA wasn't even internationally known.  They were a very popular Swedish band from Stockholm and sang in Swedish not English.  In Sweden, we all speak fluent English.  you couldn't even tell a person was from Sweden.  It's an international and business language there.  So they take our place.  We listened to them and we're standing there looking at the cute chicks with their "Bells," hanging out over the stage, and there's guys with wolves ears looking at her.  Cornwell goes, "God, look at that one guitar.  It's got no lead.  I mean it's got speakers, but there's no lead coming out of the guitar.  where are they getting that sound?!"  It was piped into the auditorium from a record.  It was mime.  Like Milli Vanilli, type thing.  Nobody playing guitar.  It was like, "No way!"  It was a chick show.  I went "Whoa!"  I was waiting for the band to get over with because I was going to go talk with him.  "You took my gig over!  You took my job over! How dare you, You can't play you chicken little mother!"  I didn't care how many people were there now.  I was ticked.  So when they left, they went through a turret and into the back stage like they were something important.  I went right up the stage.  I followed them.  Swearing I went : You falska, mediker!  Meaning you false such and such people.  Then their bouncer took out some metal key and jabbed it in my stomach.  "That's it!"  I thought.  I took off my belt and I was throwing my belt around.  The round turret on it, you can't swing it. (Laughing.)  To methis bouncer, were like pushing each other going, "Whoa, I'm not going downstairs. "  We were all smoking.  I didn't even drink alcohol in those days.  I'm just a high psychedelic cat.  This guys going.  "Shta bullta," meaning stay away.  i was using Italian on the guy.  I was ticked off, they took my job away.  After the turret there was this dressing room.  My belt got caught in this veneer door, and I'm pulling on it, because they slammed the door on me.  This guy's trying to open it at the same time to try to push them down the stairs, (Laughing.)  and I'm trying to get my belt out of the freaking door.  We didn't have a confrontation.  So I went back down into the lobby siveria svenska, police were there.  I come down and the cops go, "Gelt vahenda," Which means, "God, what's happening?"  I know all the cops in town.  These such and such _____________,
coming into my town, taking my gig over, and then piping the music, not even live!  The main word is Falska.  It comes from the latin word fallacy meaning not true or false.  The police asked if I smoked too much.  I said, "No these people come into town and took my gig over.  how would you like it if somebody from Stockholm came down and said, " You can go home tonight and we're taking over, and you got a family to support?"  Everybody in Sweden-- It's like you have a station in life.  You're either garbage man, or you're a cop, or you're a newspaper editor, or your a musician, and that's your station in life.  I said, " How would you like it if somebody from Stockholm came down here and told you to go home?  That they're going to patrol the streets, you'd get ticked right?"  They didn't take me to the clink or nothing like that.
     Two years later,  In England, our new drummer Jet Black who was at that time was in The Stranglers, I hired; it's off license.  We have a studio upstairs.  This place is paradise.  We just felt good.  We worked in the shop and sold ice cream and all that.  I sent my wife and child back to Seattle, to her parents.  I said,  "Give us 6 months."  This is when Decca was looking at us.  So when we're sausages, bangers and eggs, like that and all.  Cornwell says, "Girth come here Your not going to believe this!"  I go, "What?" He said, "Come here!"  Now what was on the tele was some European Folk Rock Festival, where people contend for the number one title.  It's like art-musical show, and winner gets a lot of money and exposure etc.  So I come in and look at the tele and go, "It's them chicks!  That's the guys!"  and it was ABBA! (Laughing.)  They were doing Fernando Hernado whatever that stuff.  I go, "No Way!" and they won that show.  I think it was in 1973.  They became world famous ever since then.  Dancing Queen and all that stuff.  I like ABBA's music, I really do.  i didn't dig them coming in and taking my gig over.  I mean, when you're in a band, no matter how famous you are, respect other people below you; no matter what gigs you are doing.  If your're washing dishes in a restaurant, that waiter's got to respect you, because everybody feeds each other; everybody's hand and hand.  What they did was totally false.  I'll never forgive them for that.   (Laughing.)  Even though I said, "I like their music."  I'm not going to say, "I hate their guts."  because then I would become one of them.  I try to understand as much as I can.  That's why I'm a writer.  Ya know, I don't hold nothing against them, except for that one night.

     I went to the Doors workshop, not the Devils workshop, the Doors workshop right off of Sunset Boulevard.  Jim Morrison had 30- 15 inch speakers just for his voice.  It was only a studio, a practice studio.  John Densmore and Manzarek, were all sitting around and laughing.  I knew I was going to get a band, because I love the Doors. I go, "how loud?"  It was a very small room.  It was a little small alcove.  The whole wall on one side was filled with 15 inch speakers.  You talk on the microphones, "Hello."  That was Jim Morrisons thing, "Hello."  He was more powerful than the music and then you filtered through the mixing board.  So what we did, we didn't play or nothing like that because it wasn't my band, they couldn't do it, We played a record. "Oh! Holly man!"  It wasn't even on one and the volume went up to 10.  It wasn't even on one and you couldn't even be in the place.  And we were laughing, smoking, and stuff like that because they liked having the kids from Sunset Strip come down, and ya know because this was new to them in the world.  Like Wow!  They'd run a record and shot that, but that was kinda like a non-enpromto type of thing.  Like to meet the kids from L.A. they were going, "Come on baby light my fire."  That was the number one song in like 1967 in january.  They made a big Sunset strip party.
      I partied man.  i met so many people.  I saw Janis Joplin.  I saw Jimi Hendrix.  I never rapped with them or nothing like that like I did Densmore and Menzarek, but I said,
"I'm going to go England.  I'm going to get me my own band."  and that's my History of Rock n' Roll and I'm there in spirit, not physically anymore.  Now I'm just going to write for bands and I know the music world.  It's hard.  It's like being married to five different people.  It doesn't matter how many band members you have, it's like being married.  You've got the headaches.  Oh man, if someone don't show up, someone's got a drug problem, someone's got a job and they can't make it... it's, oh man, It's a headache.  And thank God I left that business.  That's my world.  Write that and it's great.  I want to write.  A couple of my daughters play guitar.  They're not into recording.  I wouldn't even want to see them get into that life.  next to acting, it's one of the worlds worst--taking advantage of eating by product lies anybody can do.  Unless you know somebody, forget it.  It will take your life right down the toilet bowl, not even your own.  it's their life not yours.  They'll take pieces of your puzzle and you'll spend the rest of your life trying to put your puzzle together.  Once I left my band, I put my puzzle easily back together.  I go, "This is who I am.  I'm not you, or you, I'm me."  and never will anybody become a part of me again.
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BIG TIME  :  Do you think the 60's will ever happen again?
GIRTH :  No, impossible because we broke in the revolution.  Suddenly the sexual revolution or the freedom revolution, or the media revolution like Marsh Gluon said,  "Once that things are exposed there's no more secrecy and everything is out in the open."  Back in the '50's and 40's everything was secret because no one knew who was selling truth, who was who.  You because a subject to who ever had the most money and power.  Nowadays people are more free thinking.  In the 60's we broke the mold.
BIG TIME :  With more poetic type lyrics and so forth?
GIRTH :  Not even that, but in freedom of movement.  Poetry is only words.  Words to become enacted are mental.  Poetry is not physical.  you can write about a physical movement in poetry, but it's all calculated in mentalness, and you write it.  Maybe, Ah, spice withh a little bit of spiritualism.  Like Khalil Gibran, he wrote the book called the Prohet, which is very famous to beatniks.  I'm a beatnik and then I'm a hippie after that.  Now, who knows what I am because we no longer need labels because we're free now.  We've broken that.  I'm no longer a child of society.  They look at me as paternal.  I relinquished my station in life, because society can kiss my butt.  I'm free.  I'm totally free now, forever.  I can write what I want.  Say what I want.  I can do what I want with more freedom than I could've in the fifties.  In the fifties, you couldn'.  If you bicycled or motor biked, you wore a hat different, you look different, or had long hair, Ahhhh!!Now it's more accepted.
BIG TIME :  Do you think Maine's more like 50's than any other part of the country, since you travel all over the place?
GIRTH :  No.  Ah, Maine's like the future and the past.  It's the future because their open to odd things.  The fishing industry.  I was there 10 years ago.  The fishing industrys' gone down, and OSHA's come down with new rules.  Everybody wants to make money.  Maine's like this.  California is probably the most liberal state.  You can't even smoke in a restaurant.  You can go into the coffee shop and smoke.  I'm trying to get into the bars.  In some states, you can smoke wherever you want.  In California Ojai, you can't even smoke out in the street.  I did it to detest the low.  I'll smoke anytime I want.  It's out in the open air.  I'm sorry, take me to Court, take me to jail; do it.  i've got all the time in the world to fight you.  Don't mess with me.  I'm free.  I don't have to get down to the job the next day and say, "Oh sorry, give me a $50 ticket."  It's all extortion.  I'm sorry you know, but you loose as far as I'm concerned.  You can't even go to an outdoor concert and smoke.  You can't even smoke in a park in the outdoors.  That's Ojai California.  Ojai right off from Santa Barbara.  There's another town down off L.A. you know exclusive rich towns, the snots.  I'll go invade your world.  It's like those kind of people that invaded my world when I was a kid and told me I couldn't do something, that I can do.  Give us some lee-way here, you know? (Laughing)  i'm a rebel.  That's why I live so many places in the world, because I was incorrigible, so my uncles took care of me.  my grandmom took care of me, until they got tired of me.  It just don't hit me for nothing.  Hit me if I'm wrong, don't hit me for something I never did.  Catch me doing something.  The cops, the cops pick me up on the side of the road.  "What's your problem?"  I'd say.  "Do you got an ID?"  "Yeah, I got an ID, here's my name rank and serial number."  I travel all over the country so don't mess around with me because I'm having a good time and that's the way I want to live.  How dare you, because of your border and I'm the stranger coming to your town.  "Don't mess with me."  "Well you fit the description of a bank robber."  "Well, wouldn't I be somewhere else, or spending my money?  Here I am in the middle of nowhere and I robbed the bank there in town?  Give me a break Dude!"  It's like : "Don't get wise with me.  Where do you live?"  I go :  "America."  And then they think that  I am a wise ass.  "What's the address!"  I tell them: "A.M.E.R.I.C.A." And they think I am a snot nose.  "No, you're the snot nose.  It's not me.  So you have something better to do?  Go get somebody that's perpetrating or something else.  I'm traveling.  I don't want nothing.  Why am I going to break into a car?"  But the guy don't know me, and there's a lady in the place that said, "There he is!"  But I don't know this at the time. Right.  So the guy goes. "Ya mind coming downtown with me?"  He's going to run your name and such.  "No problem!  Here!"  Ya know what I mean?  Breeze downtown.  I have like 3 detectives staring at me like, "You been in town all night?!"  I go, "Yeah!  I parked at a motel last night."  They go, "Oh, Oh, yeah.  We checked that."  he says, "Well where were you the day before?"  I go, "I don't know!  Somewhere down the road.  I walked through the night and what not.  I'm a traveler.  I'm a gypsy, you know what I mean?  How do I know?  I don't keep a diary for your behind.  You know what I mean?  I just live life.  My days are counted days and times are not yours.  The same as yours because I live like the wind.  You know what I mean?"    "Oh wise guy, huh?  Where do you live!"  I did the American trip again--(Laughing) and the cop is like there shaking.  He just wanted to pull his gun out and shoot me.  You know what I mean?  So, they all go like, "You got a witness?"  I go, "Look dude."  I go, "bust me!"  And this other guy goes, "All right, you're entitled to a lawyer--" and all that, and i go, "All right cool."  And he goes "Sign this."  I go, " I don't sign nothing.  Sorry such and such, because I don't read.  I can't see up close."  "You won't sign this?!"  They're like, "You won't sign this?"  (Laughing) And the cop is like there shaking.  He just wanted to pull his gun out and shoot me.  You know what I mean?  This is like a small town, ah--mentality.  "Don't mess with me.  I know you have nothing to do.  So go park your car on the side of the road, and go to sleep."  Don't mess with me dood, (dude) because I know people everywhere.  This is what I do, this is true.  I've been in Louisiana in a little town called Winnfield.  I'll never forget it.  I'm walking and I hear the voice, "Hey how's it going?"  So i turn around and it's a cop car.  I go, "Hey how's it going?"  He says, "Come back here!"  So I turn around and I come back and he goes, "Where have you been?"  I say, "I stayed in a hotel down the road.  I walked around looking for work, because this is what I do for life.  There's no work.  I'm out on the highway.  I'm going to the next town."  "How long have you been in town?"  I go, "From the nightbefore and that was it."  he says, "We got witnesses that said you've been here at least a month.''  It's like, "Hello, You talking to me, or what?"  What happened is somebody broke into a car in front of the place he came out of, so he's picking on somebody because I'm new or a stranger in town.  I said, "I'm sorry about your witnesses, but they're totally wrong."  He says, "Well they were here last night--"  I say, "You want to take my finger prints?"  because he told me what happened.  Someone broke into a car, it was like, "Whatever!  I don't own nothing.  I don't want nothing.  I don't have a car, a house, a stereo.  I don't have headphones.  I got a couple of bucks just enough to sustain me while I'm traveling.  I don't want nothing.  Why am I going to break into someone's car?"  I go, "What?!  Go do whatever."  And the other guy goes, "Well if you're innocent, why you so mad?"  And I said, "Because your friggin ticking me off and your perturbing me.  You're insulting my intelligence and my life."  And I go, "Do I come into your house telling you you did something?  I don't even know you people.  You don't know me either.  Don't mess with me."  He goes, "What are you going to do?"  I go,  "Well in here I can't do nothing, but if you come out to the highway on the side road--"  I go, "I'll box ya.  I don't care if you kick my but or not."  I go, "You don't mess with me man, because my spirits stronger than yours."  So the chief of detectives comes in and I go, "Are you sane in this town? Are you sane--with all these other--"  This little dinky town in Winnfield Louisiana right?  "Are you sane?  Are you part of this like whatever this--riff raff bull?"  The guy goes, "Well Ah--well we have witnesses."  I go, "Here we go again.  I want a lawyer."  They didn't even want to give me a lawyer at all.  he goes, "Well where you been?"  I go, "I'll tell you what.  I was at Nacogdoches Texas two nights ago--in the Collegian Motel, call 'em up.  Because I'm registered there.  Do you want top know where I was before that?"  I go, "Your lucky I'm remembering this, because you can roust me.  I'll sit in jail a month, you guys will be washing dishes tomorrow and I'll own this place.  I'll be the cheif of police in this frigin town and I'll get the real frigin criminals.  Don't you mess with the wrong person dudes."  "Well Ahhhh____"  Guy goes in the bathroom, calls up Nacogdoches Texas.  All these places, Bronson Texas is another Motel I stayed in.  he comes back and he goes, "You can go now.''  "Thank you very frigin much."  I said, " I think I'm gonna live in this town and marry maybe one of your daughters." (Laughing) I was giving them frigin trouble man!  You know?  And they were like, "Well you need a ride?"  "No I don't need a ride.  I like walking.  Thank you very much i like walking."  And i go, "What happened to your witness?"  I could've taking them to court and sued them for zillions.  i just didn't spend time with the riff-raff, because I really didn't do nothing.  If I did something bad i would be kissing their butts:  "Oh officer..." But I don't do nothing wrong.  You're wrong.  don't bother me.  You know what I mean?  I don't do anything.  I work for a living.  I'm traveling.  I know the world very well.  I go thru this a couple of times, ya know and they think I'm a snot nose.  I say no man.  I'm like,  I'm you're dad now.  You're not my dad.  I'm your dad. (Laughing.)  Online Social Network Magazine

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