This is the Super Violator interview that appeared in the November 1998 issue of Big Time Music Trade Magazine.  NOTE WE WILL BE DELETING THE P.O. BOX AND PHONE NUMBER THAT WAS GIVEN TO US LAST CENTURY.  A number of years after this interview Mucous Lubricant passed away.  Their video's up on You Tube show's a different drummer from Augusta:  Jason LeBlanc.  This was a Free Newspaper and had no swearing.  We had to change certain words around to give it more of a Rated "PG" version instead of a rated "R" one.
Big Time :  Why was the bands' name changed from Nipple Violator to Super Violator?
Bloody :  If your in a band, we don't like you.  We only like us.  We are the only good band in the world.  We're number one, that's all there is to it.
Jack :  I'm glad you asked that, because it's a long story.  We used to have a pair of Weegans in the band.  These was Gabe Weegan on the drums.  ( See next month's interview with the Weegan brothers new bands - Papa. )  Those boys were fine, but Bloody and Mucous matured and changed.
Bloody  :  Yeah, I've matured.  I don't play music.  I'm more of a de-construction worker.  I tear stuff apart.
Big Time :  Are you still moving to Massachusetts?
Bloody :  I'm trying to move out of the solar system.  That's where I'm heading for.  I'm going to get my hands on a rocket ship real soon.  I've already been negotiating with NASA I hate this planet, so I will be out of here soon.
Mucous :  I'm setting up all the club gigs down there.  Our base will be somewhere in between Gardiner and Boston.  Right now in Boston there's an independent label on every corner.  It costs $420.00 for a thousand seven inch records; or 42 cents each.
Shadow :  We have cheesy video's.  Send us an inquiry in care of Super Violator or Bloody Stump Records.
Jack :  Yeah, the new songs are a lot more straight forward than some of the old songs.  They are a lot more louder, faster and heavier.  There're catchier, two minute songs are like long for us.
Mucous :  We played fourteen songs in exactly seventeen minutes tonight.  We are doing stuff that appeals to us.  A few people learn that they like it, buy our albums, and support the next thing we are doing.  We are the most infamous punk band that has ever existed in the state.
Bloody :  When you write the word punk write it with a capitol 'P' because that's how punk we are.
Mucous :  Yeah Bloody used to wear panty hose on stage and get naked at shows.
Big Time :  Why did you stop?
Shadow :  Well it wasn't really like, shocking anymore.
Bloody :  It kind of got old, We did it for a real long time, Every time we played 'I got naked.'  What's was the surprise in that?  You knew I was going to get naked.  Now-a-days, it's like, 'wow'!  He's got his pants on.  We still smash stuff up.  If I see anybody sticking microphones where they sit, then I've got that copy written.  It's patterned, we're suing!!  G. G. Allen Copied me.  He wrote me off.  He's dead now, and I'm alive.  I can't believe he did that to me.  I taught G.G. everything I knew.
( VOICE IN THE DISTANCE :  : Bobby Allen's 'inside' ! " ( The now closed Not Fade Away Cafe.)
Bloody :  Noooo!  By the way, when Bobby Allen was in prison; we wanted to do a, "Free Bobby Allen," Benefit.  Yeah!  Swear to God!  Whew!  You got that right!  We just didn't get together, because we are really, really unorganized.  I heard he went to jail for stealing a "Big Mac" or something.  It wasn't even fair, you know?  I'm glad Bobby Allen is out of prison!  That's all I got to say because he rules.
Big Time :  I heard a tape of the band and it sounded awesome.  Mucous told me it only took 10 hours.
Shadow :  I own Guink Studio's at --- Water St. Gardiner Me. 582-xxxx and it only took 1 day to record.  It's $250.00 for 30 minutes of music.  They can take as much time as they want.  No hourly rates.  It's an 8 track studio, with good sound.  I did the poly glot C.D. that came out.  I recorded all of our stuff too.  I've always been like the 5th Violator.  I've only been drumming for the band, for 4 months.
Bloody : Yeah, It's official and...
Shadow :  You got to say something about the way Bloody is, because you can't print everything he just said.  I think that's what helped this band flow together.
Bloody :  I just follow what David Lee Roth has done in the past.  Shadow likes Junk!  He likes Punk, I like Junk! ( Composed a song while talking. )  I like Junk...  I like Junk...  Print that!  I like Junk not Punk!  Junk not Punk!  Mee Mee Myy.  Mee Mee Mooo Meee Meee.  ( in high pitch then sounding like a monster ) Uggghhh!!!!  Uggghhhh!!!!  Cough! Cought! ( inhale ) Actkk! Splat.
Big Time :  Say if somebody read this and they read the "Grunts," Interview; would you guys put on a show with the grunts?
Mucous :  The Grunts would definitely have to play under us.  I don't want to "T" them off, but they are a bit influenced by our older style.  We love the members of the Grunts they're great guys.
Big Time : Is there a lot of fellow groupies at the shows?
Angie Nichols : Mobs!  Seriously, mobs!  I'm at every show, every practice I'm there.  Their style of their music is the build up of the ultimate in sanity.
Big Time :  There's a lot of militia's up here, Anti-Government stuff.  There is something that they could hook up with in your music; like the Sex Pistols did with the original tour of the U.S. back in the 70's.
Bloody :  (Screams ) Your God!  Doug Papa is God!  You rule! You ask the best questions!  Great interview by the way.
Big Time :  Alright, answer before we get to the Wharf in Hallowell.
Bloody :  (Seriously in a monotone voice : )  I don't know I just like to play, ( Sing ) with myself.
Big Time :  Come on man!  Think about it!
Bloody : ( yelling ) I swear to God!
Big Time :  Do you think if you get the militia people to say...
Bloody :  ( Confused ) Militia?
Big Time :  These people hate the Government, your band hates the world.  They might say we should see their shows, like they did with the Sex Pistols.
Bloody :  ( Confidently Loud )  I hate the Government!  I hate you !  I hate your mom!  I hate everyone!  ( Frantically Screaming ) I don't care if your Infuriated with the Government!  I just hate you as much if you were a hermit!  We don't care if you are a Government or an Ameba's all the way up to human beings; everything man!  Marsupials, I hate them all.  If you have a pouch I hate you!  Marsupials really tick me off!  Kangaroo's stink! I'm ticked off!
Big Time :  Do you guys view yourselves as musicians where there is no crossing the line anywhere?  When it comes to : " Yeah they might like our lyrics, but they are going to hate us, because we hate them already ? "
Bloody :  ( Screaming ) We all, we, ( changes tone quickly to question. ) What? ( Groupies burst out laughing and Bloody joins in.)  We hate you!  I don't know what he means, but... ( everyone laughs more.  Then Bloody goes back to scream mode: )  I don't like you! ( normal voice ) Outside Doug. ( meanwhile groupies are still laughing uproariously, while Bloody goes back to scream out : ) I don't like anyone else! ( normal) - besides Doug.  ( Screams )  I don't like, like anyone else accept Doug!  I don't like anyone else, accept Doug!  I like Big Time Magazine, and I hate you!  If your reading it, I don't like you, I don't like you.  I like myself.  I love myself!  I'm narcissist, ( clears throat ) Atckk!!  Atctckk!  I like myself! ( calm down into a normal tone of voice ) I like look in the mirror...Actually everything I mean makes sense, and it's totally real, I'm Bloody Napkin.  Doug, Big Time Magazine 'Rules'!  And I spell that with a capitol R.  ( TV news anchor voice of informing)  I mean Big Time Magazine is my favorite magazine in Maine.  I read those 2 issues, rockin! ( screams ) Face Magazine stinks!  I call it stink Face!  And those other music magazines stink like bad underwear.  I would like to say that the main message of our music, is that there is no future for mankind.  I mean, pretty much, we will end the Universe and we will do it soon, I mean, if you don't believe it, well hey, forget you, because your going to be dead.

Big Time :  Now is that the type of stuff your lyrics are about?
Boody :  ( Dead serious )  Uhhh...No. ( Laughs then serious ) In a word 'No'.  I have no lyrics about the future.  I write catchy tunes.
Jack :  Catchy tunes dude!  Violator rules.  I'm in the band, and it's my favorite one I've ever been in.
Big Time :  O.K. what's 'Get a job and die ' about?
Bloody :  It's about a dead chicken.  Amazingly enough, I used to be a chicken farmer; and not many people know it.  If you get a lot of chickens together, they lay eggs.  I was surrounded by eggs, for years.  'Get a job and die' is about not wanting to work, at all.  I would rather die than work.
Big Time :  Rock and Roll Zombie?
Bloody :  Rock and roll Zombie, is about killing yourself, for something we will do.  We will committee suicide on stage, eventually, all at once!  By suicide, I mean act it out before we break up.  Nipple Violator committed suicide on stage, but out of that came Super Violator.
Big Time :  'Lonely Mutant Boy'?
Bloody :  'Lonely Mutant Boy,' is about not wanting to be on this planet.  Most of our songs is how we feel, are from this Universe and we do not fit on the Earth.  We will like to leave this planet as soon as the technology is available.  We will like to blast off.
Big Time :  'Wage Slave'?
Bloody :  'Wage Slave' is about working in a dead end job.  You're making minimum wage.  It's basically about the hopelessness in the valley.
Mucous :  Like Papa's mom. his aunt and his cousin Bill.  ( How he knew I had a cousin Bill,- I have no idea.)
Bloody :  Hopelessness man.  We don't got no future, none of us.  We're all going to die young.
Jack :  We've got songs like mass murder, killing spree, or that type of stuff. 'I want to be abort...'
Big Time :  ( Interrupting ). Josh what's Boston got for a Punk scene, that Maine doesn't, and needs to have?
Mucous :  Oh, it will never have it Doug.  Face it.  This place is about Skidders and Grass and Tree's and over weight little people watching TV and drinking beer.
Big Time :  Do you think Punk is going to boom in the next couple of years, like it did during the late eighties?
Mucous :  I think it already has.  It's happening right now and it isn't even really Punk.  You can go see Marilyn Manson and just go nuts.  You gonna pay $20.00 to see some guy because; I don't know.  Whatever he does, your going to pay $20.00 to see him.  He might beat you up or something.  I don't know.  You might as well do something else, like get a video and watch that instead, because that type of entertainment could bring you trouble.
Big Time :  What did you say your style is?
Mucous :  Well, basically mid-eighties punk rock.  A couple of bands in example, is Black Flagg, Angry Samoans, Descendents, and I throw a couple of jazz chords once in a while in a place no one suspects it.  Garage rock.  It's all that and a now style we haven't had the pleasure to listen to.
Big Time :  Well the mid-Eighties, means wicked fast punk.
Shadow :  the dead Eighties?
Big Time :  Well, it has a lot of changes.
Shadow :  A lot of changes, but it's straight forward.  Pretty straight forward, but it's just how it sounds up front; but then you listen to the background.  It's something to appreciate, as like, -I can't say are.  I'm not allowed to say Art.
Big Time :  So it's something that any open minded musician can go to and enjoy it?
Mucous :   It's something that anyone could appreciate, because we're all fluent in our musical instruments and our backgrounds; and we're doing this on purpose.  Some people may not appreciate that, but we're doing this purposely.  This is what we truly enjoy; like a Avant-Garde kind of musical style.
Big Time :  So would you think it's like a punk-drum beat, but you and Nate are going very technical in your instruments and stuff like that?
Jack :  Oh, We're technical and the vocals are very up front.  They're catchy.  The lyrics are great.  They are funny.  They're for the working class.
Big Time :  Do you think this state stinks for punks?
Mucous :  Oh yeah, It really is bad.  Some kids will come to your shows but they won't support anything further.  It can't generate any life into any punk band.  It will pay you $50 per person at a show once every other month.  That's nothing.  It's just for fun.  It's great for fun.  We want to get to the point, we're playing a few times a month.  We want to meet people who are interested for good pay and good audiences.  We want to play to an audience that can respect us.
Big Time :  What happened at your last gig?
Bloody :  We got drunk at the gig in Boston.  They gave us free pictures of beer.  We loved it.  Listen!  Listen!  Swear to God!  I don't care if you live in California, Uganda, France, where ever!  You give us free beer and we'll be there.  Free beer is what we play for.  Beer is the world.
Big Time :  Will you ever record your set of 10 unreleased songs?
Bloody :  Yeah.  Someday if somebody wants to release it...well you know, they can put it out: but it's going to be their fault if it doesn't sell. (Laughing.)  They're not going to get rid of that stuff.  That's scummier than scummier.  Ra!  Ra! Ra!
Shadow :  It's like some kind of entertainment where you're in awe.  Your not so much like, liking it; but you need to see it?  Well, you like too.  You leave and you talk about the show for a long time after that.
Bloody :  The thing of it is, is that there is a gigantic cloud descending upon America right now.

Mucous :  I don't think the government likes punk because, we wrtite songs and make fun of them.  Like, "Ronald Reagan, look like a prune."  Ya know?  "Your wife should be dead, and you're going to blow us up and ya look out the window and see a big cloud of mushroom smoke."
Big Time :  You said before, that since the government knows what punk music can do; what they'll probably do is sterilize it like they did during the early Eighties and it might go that way.
Bloody :  Right-O.  They've already sterilized it.  We had the Nirvana stuff come out in '91.  The kids thought it was cool because they all got to dye each others hair blue.  They thought that was a big statement.
Jack :  The only reason Nirvana broke out first, is because they were closer to Metal.
Shadow :  The style of our music isn't blues or country bar rock.  We're just doing it for the fun because it's so boring here in the valley.  We aren't out for popularity of nothing.  The bands that are making innuendo's to make fun of us, we don't care about that.  We're dead end lifers.  We enjoy having a beer.
Big Time :  Question of the month.  Every month, this magazine gets dropped off to the Secretary of Governor Angus King; O.K.?  Question is :  What would you like to say to the Governor?
Mucous :  Don't raise the tax on cigarettes.  Make the drinking age 18 again.
Jack :  Good points Mucous, but I would like to say Angus...
Mucous :  We dare you to come to one of our shows Angus.  You'll be amazed.
Big Time :  What  do you think the Governor needs to do to make music more assessable?
Jack :  I think the government should just stay out of it.  It's none of thier business anyway.
Mucous :  If Angus wants, he can be the second guitar player in the band.  If he wants to try hard.
Bloody :  We'll give him the invitation right here, " Angus do you want to join our band?  Angus, do you want to join our band?  We'd love to have you.  We'll let you play rhythm guitar.  You're not going to play many solo's."
Shadow :  You're not going to get the spotlight at all Angus.
Jack :  We will let you play with us.
Big Time :  Do you think that punk music is going to be the fore front in the future in this state, because of so many laws they got?  For instance, the drinking limit is going to go from .08 to .06  .
Jack :  You know, I think lowering the legal blood alcohol level is only going to make people drink more.  If you look at Prohibition.  Prohibition had many more alcoholics than there are now.
Mucous :  If we're talking politics, the Kennedy's made all their money during Prohibition selling illegal alcohol ; and they were some of the most resopected politicians in the Country that we ever had.  So everywhere is corrupt and it's just a bunch of bull ande I hope punk doesn't reach to a high maxium, where the little 15 year old kids go watch shows and love it, because that's al just a bunch of bull.  It would be like we're just brainwashing the.
Bloody :  And we would like to actually say, that Angus if you don't want to play with us, you can at least come and drink a couple of beers with us.  We won't tell anybody that you're going to ride off on your motorcycle at over .06.  We don't care.  Look I got a case of Budweiser.  You can have a few.  I'll buy as many as you'll like to drink.  You can come on over to our place.  We'll hang out with you and the drinks are on us.  If you want to come over and party with Super Violator, just call us at 582-xxxx, or write us at P.O. Box xxx Hallowell Me 04347--Care of Bloody Stump Records.
Big Time :  You mentioned 15 year olds coming to your shows.  Have you seen any?
Jack :  They have come to our shows, but don't get brainwashed thinking that you have to go and um...don't take it to heart kids, this is music.
Mucous :  We paid 60 bucks for our PO Box within the last year and a half.  We've got three letters.  Two of them have been form our friends.  We'll send any of our tapes out for two bucks.
Shadow :  Yeah, you write to us and you'll get goodies.  Goodies in the mail.
Jack :  Two bucks and your get some something.

Bloody :  It's not just the tape.  You'll get the tape and something extra, Prizes, goodies, grab bags,you'll get goodies.
Big Time :  You were talking about some Major recorded companies.
Shadow :  Yeah, there's like three or four.  Pretty much they control the whole thing.
Jack :  Everything else from major label is a sub-division.
Shadow :  Our thing is just about as independent as you can get.  We tape our own stuff then we record it from our stero and we sell it ourselves. ( Laughing. )  We don't even have a distributor.
Mucous :  We do have a mail order.  If you have a favorite member you can write in care of Shadow of Death, Mucous Lubricant, Jack Acid, or Bloody S. Napkin.
Big Time :  The quality and sound, sounds jsut as good as any professional.
Jack :  Our drummer went to U.M.A.  He's got thousands of dollars in equipment.  He's got an 8 track real, a 24 channel mixer, and all kinds of great stero boosters.  He also runs a studio called Guink Records.   There is an Ad in this issue.   He does it for the cheapest around, the best quality.  He's Chad Lewis -- Shadow of death.
Big Time :  The music alone on the tape I heard it sounded like I heard it sounded like it would change anybody's mind towards punk, because it didn't sound like noise.  It was just as good as the Main Stream stuff.  I'm surprised it's not with a Major Record label.
Jack :  Well, we haven't sent our tape our yet.
Mucous :  Not many people have heard it.  Only a couple 100 of people at the most have heard that.
Big Time :  Do you guys have any plans of sending it out?
Mucous :  We do have plans.  We've had plans for like four months, but we're just lazy as we really don't care.  If it happens, it happens.
Bloody :  I'm more concern about getting beer for the night then sending out a tape.
Mucous :  Yeah, because it's costing 96 cents for postage to send a tape out.
Bloody :  That's at least one beer, right there, down the drain.  ( Laughing. )
Jack :  Um, we'd love for an agent to volunteer to send our tapes out.  We would even offer him a cut or something.
Big Time :  If you were approached by a major record label you would act extremely professional, right?
Shadow :  We wouldn't kiss butt or anything.  We're going to go out for the best deal we get.  We're not going to get shaft by anybody.  Nobodies going to give us two copies of our albums for C.D. and then we don't make any money or anything like that.
Jack :  We like distribution.  If someone want to volunteer to distribute our tapes, they can sell them for $3.50 or whatever.  They can keep a $1.50 for themselves.  Give us a couple bucks, big deal.
Mucous :  The thing is about us, is we're never going to make money off of it.
Bloody :  Yeah, we care more about people hearing about us.  We want people to know that this is from Maine, and we were the infamous band that cmae from Maine.  We were the old Nipple Violator.  It struck out all these scum punk bands to come out of no where.  A lot of them are influenced by us.
Shadow :  We lose money every show we do.  the highest we got paid was $50.00.  We lose stuff, we break stuff.
Mucous :  We're banned from Geno's as it is.  Our last show was one of our most tame shows, and we are never allowed to play there.  the reason is Bloody showed his backside.  Bloody broke a table a table at Blind Willies at Nashua New Hampshire.  He broke a table April 25th the first time we played at the Not Fade Away Cafe.  He broke a table last night.  He's broken numerous mike's up in Bangor at the Penny Post.  Bloody will break something and they will ask us back.  They won't ask us to pay them back, because so many people will enjoy the show.  We just play to have a good time.  We do what we like to do.  We are playing what we would pay many to listen to.
Bloody :  I'll break something for either 2 people or 100 people.  I'll break my head for 1 person.  We are rebelling against. against, everything.  Musical trends, Society.
Mucous :  We are an anti-glam band.  The Junta such as punk rock.
Jack :  Our next Album is Super Violator vs. The Planet Earth.  ( The tape is already made and ready to be bought-Papa.)  The Album is a picture of each of us on a missile heading towards the planet, with all of us riding on it.
Shadow :  Yeah, everything is do clear cut these days.  Boring, dry, predictable stuff, everyday.
Bloody :  We are anti trend rock terrorists.  We don't like other bands, we only like ourselves.  We don't care.  The problem is we'll always be jerks.  Weather we are popular of not.  No matter how much people love us, we will always hate them.  No one will ever love us, because we always rebel.
Mucous :  I get more energy the more people are at our shows.
Bloody :  Our last show was at the Not Fade Away Cafe, was 14 songs in 17 minutes exactly.  We said there's 2 songs left, we played them, we left and didn't say anything to anybody.  We didn't go on and say:  "Does anyone want to hear more?"  Shadow is the recording God.  Jack is the God of his Bass.
The first part of this interview was conducted at the now closed Not Fade Away Cafe.  This is now the location of another nightclub on Water Street in Downtown Augusta Maine. 


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