WILD OATS
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BIG TIME  :  Do you guys have a tape out ?
MARK  :  We've got a live tape that we did at a radio station.  The station was WMPG, down in Portland.  It's a University of Southern Maine station, and the show was called LOCAMOTIVES .  We have a tape that we sell at shows.  Once we get the C.D. done, then we will start marketing it.  This is just a tape for people to have.
BIG TIME  :  How hard is it to get gigs out of state, since people don't really know you?
MARK  :  Yeah, Definitely.  I mean, like our big scene right now is to build a good following in Maine.  Hopefully this Fall, we'll start playing in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.  This summer we'll probably stick in Maine and build up a good tour following.  We kind of hope to hop on the college circuit.  That's where you really grab a lot of people.  The bars are cool, but you really don't grab as many folks at bars, because they're there to drink.  We play with a more artistic than a technical style.  That's good because more clubs are accepting original music.  I mean back in the '80's, it was mostly cover bands in bars.  It was hard for a lot of original bands to break through.  The clubs are a lot more receptive to original acts, for sure.
BRIAN  :  It's not too bad for this area.  The Wharf in Hallowell is great.  We do some cover tunes, but we are 80% - 90% original.  Down in Portland, you're kind of expected to play some cover tunes.
BIG TIME  :  One more question.  Is there any advice you would like to give beginner musicians starting out in bands ?
MARK  :  Stick with it.  It's not an easy thing, you know ?  I mean don't expect to get a band and be a rock star two months down the road.  It's a long process, with a lot of work and practice.  We're practicing many hours a week, it takes a lot of time.  Then there's a lot of road time traveling to gigs.  It's not all getting up on stage and performing tunes.  See Wild Oats when ever you can, we need your support.