BIG TIME  :  Can you tell our readers your background ?
JASON CAREY  :  Studied at the University of Maine at Augusta, and went into the Transfer program to study at Leeds College in Europe.  I've been in MO - BE - TOAD for 7 years.  We started in 1988 or 1989.  I play Guitar, and I once played in the Augusta Symphony.
B.J. BROWN  :  I've played Drums and Percussion for 12 years.  I also started the band with Jason.  I taught at Lawrence High School and worked with their Marching Band.  By the end of the season, we came in second place for the State of Maine Marching Band Competition ; and that was the first year they had been in the Competition.  I studied at the University of Maine at Augusta's Jazz program.  I played in the Augusta Symphony, Colby Wind Ensemble, and played in the Pit Orchestra for the, "Man of La Mancha."
NAYTHEN WILSON  :  I've played Bass for 14 years.  I experiment with the avant-garde style of music; 20th Century type of Competition.  I was 1st chair Bass player at the University of Maine at Orono's Jazz Ensemble.  I studied Classical music there, playing double ( Upright, ) Bass.  I have done Hardcore, Disco, Latin, Thrash, Death Metal, country, Fussion, and other styles of music.
BIG TIME  :  Do you mean Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Impressionistic music ?
NAYTHEN  :  Yeah, Classical in any form.  Sometimes I'll be playing something for any form of music, even if I'm playing a normal style.  Say I'm playing a blues solo, I might take something from a Death Metal phrase of a song, "morph," it in with Classical music, and pop it into Blues.  It's something that I've only seen myself do while playing music.  It's random and "Key-less,"  but natural.
     This is good because MO - BE - TOAD can adapt to any crowd.  We could play Blues all night. Jazz, Hardcore, and please the audience.
B.J.  :  We are very open minded, it doesn't matter.  We play for ourselves, but also for the crowd.  Other bands play to just please the crowd, or play just to please themselves; and it gets "old," after a while.  MO-BE-TOAD is a little bit of both.
JASON  :  It's both the music and the chemistry that goes on.
BIG TIME  :  Is the band working on it's own C.D. ?
NAYTHEN  :  Yes, and it's entitled: TREE ON FIRER.  Make sure that's MO - BE - TOAD,  That's M-O hyperfine B-E hyphen T-O-A-D.  Not M-O-B-Y, or M-O hyphen B-Y, and not M-O-E hyphen B-E Hyphen T-O-A-D.  Or P-R-Q dot A-O-L dot Com.  Our C.D. will be coming out before the end of the year.
BIG TIME  :  Do you think College radio stations  don't support Original bands ?
B.J.  :  If the band plays a style that's already out there, and it's like the style that's in right now.  Alternative Music is now "In," like Heavy Metal was during the '80's, and Disco was during the '70's.  Right now society is at the point where there is only one style of music.  It's hard for other bands that aren't playing that style to get any recognition.
NAYTHEN  :  Definitely!  Though, we need to thank bands like Phish and Blues Traveler, for getting that experimental type of sound out there.  Then there's Frank Zappa, who's Dead.  Moment of Silence for Frank Zappa.
( All present bow their heads in a moment of silence. )
B.J.  :  Once you learn the Jazz style, you can take that knowledge and put it into any style of music at all;  Which will help you understand that style.  This in turn will help you learn to understand the next style, and then you can combine the styles to blend YOUR SOUND.  If you like to hear our Demo Tape, Send us your address, with $4.00 to...
JASON  :  RR X Box XXXX, Barton Road, Windsor ME, 04363 and we'll put you on our Mailing List.

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