This is the Grunts interview.  This is the last interview that was featured in Issue 2 of Big Time Music Trade Magazine published in July of 1997.
Mailing address  :  XX Gage Street, Augusta Me 04330.  In care of Grunts International.
BIG TIME  :  What type of punk is the band?
LEFTY  :  We are progressive rock that's more towards scum punk or scum metal and hardcore.  Scum is the deepest, dirtiest, grossest stuff you can come up with.  That includes the lyrics too.  From really slow rock and roll / country beat, to as fast as anything fast can be played; where you can barely understand the lyrics.  It's mostly government issues that we sing about.  Our shortest song is 10 seconds and our longest song is a half hour.
MIKE  :  This area stinks for our type of music because they don't give us any place to play.  Punk bands are forced to rent halls,with each group shelling out $100.  and when we do it, we get $25. back to split up between 3 people.
LEFTY  :  Some of the other bands out there are posers.  They play cover alternatives and they want to be something; but it never quite happened.  That's why everybody likes them, because they sound like everyone else.
MIKE  :  And they dress like posers.
LEFTY  :  Bands do that because they cop out.  That is, not put any effort into making anything of themselves.  No go popular, like:
"MTV yeah, we're really cool.'  Go out and play more shows around different towns.  Let the locals get together and enjoy what we do.  Help other bands like us, put on a good show for the $5.00 people pay. Our lyrics are about Government scandals, the downfall of the whole social system, social class and anything about people.  During the show, it might go from government issue to :  "Hey you out in the crowd."  We change it, and they don't even know we're singing about them.  An average of 50-100 people show up for our shows.
MIKE  :  Our audiences age range is 13 to 30.  A lot of older people in their 40's - 50's sometimes see the entertainment going on and love it.  There's always a rent-a-cop at our shows, that costs $50. and they usually don't disturb the fun at the shows.  Bart jumps out into the audience and has a blast.  His microphone has a cord attached to it, so it makes it more interesting.
JOE  :  We're always coming up with new material and make stuff up on the spot.  We could put out a different tape every week, if we had a 4-track recorder.  We could write 20 new songs a day.  I'm all for someone coming out to one of our shows, with a 4-track and recording it.
LEFTY  :  We like to de-program people from the social right.  You know the social right.  You know:  "The way it's supposed to be in civilization."  We want people to be independent, to think for themselves, and for personal freedom.  We don't like people telling others, "This is the way it is."
      It's like having fun is illegal now for some reason.  It's getting harder and harder.  Other bands do their little dance and don't do much.
MIKE  :  People should be more open minded, to let bands come in and give their influence.
JOE  :  Instead of worrying about how they look, they should just have fun.
LEFTY  :  Less on image and more on the aspect of entertainment.  There are way too many image bands.  Image is the look and sound that's in trend.  Anything that is original and from the heart can make it.  You have to have the right mentality about it, not try to look good at the same time.  Just be yourself, that's entertainment.

BIG TIME  :  If a band wrote to you :  "We need an opening band, but you are not getting paid for the show."  Would you play?
GROUP :  (Confidently)  YES!
MIKE  :  It's nice to get paid, but we're not worried about not getting paid.
LEFTY  :  What ticks me off, is when someone says they are going to pay you, and they don't, then they pay the other bands.
BIG TIME  :  Do you think that if other musicians stop being conformists and accepted punk musicians more; that Maine could then work towards being a music Mecca?
MIKE  :  I don't think it will ever, because it has to start off with people having open minds.
LEFTY  :  It's not just punk.  It needs to be all music groups.  They need to get together without:  ( In a snobby voice,)  "Well you play this, and we play that, so we can't have a show together."  It's wrong!  If all musicians of different varieties, for example, a country band, did a gig with us, it would be a great change.  It would be fun, because you would go from country; to so hard. I want to see all bands open up to each other, not just punk.  Until that happens, then nothing will happen.  Everyone will be in their own little sections and groups and stay there.  The ignorance that's been happening needs to stop. 
MIKE  :  What needs to stop, is musicians letting you play then laughing at you, while you're performing.  I thought everyone was suppose to be coming together, not becoming a group, taking that one individual, and kicking them out.  I don't think it's right.  We are open minded and we are the only punk band open minded around here.
BIG TIME  :  Do you think this music scene would definitely improve more if the punks didn't focus on partying and focused on playing?  Like straight-edge punks?
LEFTY  :  Yeah, every punk band gets trashed.  (Drunk.)
JOE  :  Except for a few straight edge bands, but there aren't that many in Maine;  because Maine is like a pit-hole of alcohol and tobacco.
MIKE  :  A lot of Punk bands get trashed before, after the show, and all day long.  They would probably make $100. more a month from not drinking, and they would have a better attitude.  Then they all could get together and start and independent record company, like a co-op food store.  Everyone pitch in and nobody taking charge or ordering others around.
LEFTY  :  Yeah, Grunts will do anything, we will give it a chance; like I want to put out a metal tape.  Mike, if he wants a hardcore tape, we'll put out a hardcore tape.  Joe wants a punkabilly and I want to put out an oldies tape, like the stuff before 1983, we'll do it.

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