BIG TIME   :  Is there  a lot of  "Payola," at radio stations, that make it hard for local bands to get in ?
BRIAN  :  To say the least.  I feel that most prime time radio slots, have been probably paid for.  Sometimes when people call in a popular song, maybe it is, maybe it isn't ;  They are paid to play that song on "Prime Time."  The problem is that, it's a money driven issue;  If you want to be in a program with WTOS , which happens to be the best station in maine right now.  If your not in with the people, that certain circle, your not in.  It's hard to break through and get to that point.
JOE  :  Maine's "Rock Revolution," is across from WBLM's studio, It's all Bop from Five to Five.  Basically the people in Maine have to create their own scene if they want one.  They need to open more venues.  If you look at the places to play, there is only Granny Killiams, Zootz, and The Not Fade Away Cafe.  The Not Fade Away Cafe, has got the right idea with the "Grass Roots."  It doesn't have to be Mass Population, because generally that ruins everything.  The Grateful Dead, never had a hit song until 1988, and they were one of the most successful bands in Rock.  We create a flyer called The Crop Report, and it's basically tidbits of information; from politics, to what our set list is going to be that night.  Our mailing list is XX Woodland Ave., Lisbon Falls ME, 04252.
BIG TIME  :  Does HARVEST Plain on having a tape in the future ?
JOE  :  Yes, but we don't believe in producing,  "Sub-Par," quality material.  Sub-Par means, if I have to put a tape in and explain it to people why it doesn't sound like I want it to; then I'm not going to play it for them.  I would rather have them come and see us live, because that's a better interpretation.  Our first C.D. might be live, because that's where we would rather come from.  Also, anything we do in studio would be live, meaning, recorded right from one tape.  I've never played a song the same way twice.  I always keep the same timing, but there can be a different drum fill in the song.  I look to fill in the empty spaces in songs.  I do this by feel, not by being technical.
BRIAN  :  Songs take on different personalities, every time we play them.  It just depends on the mood.  Just start the song and feel it from beginning to end.  It all comes from Improvisation.
GLEN  :  And Keep things as fresh as you can.  You always want to be excited about what your doing.  As long as you're excited, it usually works out.
BIG TIME  :  Do you think with the help of Lewiston, that the State could become a major music Mecca, since Portland can't do it on it's own ?
JOE  :  I think, yes; But, it can't be segregated into Lewiston - Portland.  Lewiston can't have it's own team, and Portland can't have it's own team.  Everybody has to be a little more acceptable.  The big problem is that people didn't used to play.
GLEN  :  Yeah, exactly.  They have to support the scene.  Instead of bickering, everybody should help each other.  When you get Gigs, say : " Hey ya wanna come down ? "  We'll play with anybody, because we like to play.
JOE  :  I don't want to tell you, " why our band is better than that band."  I want to tell you when our band is going to play with that band, because there's no reason not to.  We like playing house parties at any time.  Sometimes they are even better, because people are in a better frame of mind to accept the music.  We do try to keep our practice sessions pretty private.
     If you ever heard of a band in Portland called Tripe, that's my brother's band, who's the guitar player.  I saw that band start like a rainbow, then drown out and die.  They could have been one of the better bands that I've ever seen.  Sometimes they tried too hard on the business end of it.  Create the scene from underneath, and the right way if you want the money.  they wanted to make it, and the fact is you need to concentrate on the fans who want to hear that, "Kicking Groove."
BRIAN  :  Come and see us.  Go out and see more bands.  Travel and go out of State to see shows;  Go anything...Go to New York.
JOE  :  There's always going to be shows to see.  You just can't twiddle your thumbs and have your friends say :  " Gee I just saw this and 'such and such' band."  Then hear yourself say : " Awww... I wish I would've seen that."  Put the effort in there before, to go see it.  Find those venues, Maine has this "cabin fever," argument.  Cabin fever is self created, in my opinion; I know other people differ from that.  If you want to go out and listen to something, go out and experience it.
BRIAN  :  Who knows, it might make you want to pick up the guitar and do something yourself.  You might walk away a different person.
GLEN  :  And don't feel bad, if you can't play some Metallica song, you never know.
BRIAN  :  Yeah, as long as you're enjoying yourself.

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